June 22, 2021

6 thoughts on “Summer riots in Northern Ireland could be cancelled due to Coronavirus, experts warn

  1. Problem solved..underwater riotin summer camp in Fermanagh Lakeland for frustrated DLAers. (sorry for the spellin I went to a Protestant school). Special training in
    1. underwater petrol bombing using recycled plastic bottles.
    2. recognition techniques to find PSNI frogmen and republican alligators
    3. specialist training in directing underwater explosive farts towards frogmen and alligators
    4 expert training in converting Sammy speak to bog Latin and border babble.
    5. Special tuition in filling in arts council grant forms to claim any available grant relating to anything with border in the title (there’s millions if you know how to fill in the forms..honestly!

    If the grant aid comes through we will have underwater swan vestas ready. ( We have the swans sorted but keeping the vest a’s dry needs perfecting )
    Website for applicants available soon. In the meantime send money to..Leamens or themins bank a/c no 999111999111
    ..slane or bout ye or whatever you say up there in DLA land keep the welly to the metal..oh and keep the home rhiers burning

  2. With so many fake news outlets on the interweb it is refreshing to get the truth from the real people.

  3. Wash your bricks people , don’t take any chances , and be accurate, as most peelers are now taigs ✊🇬🇧

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