Harry & Meghan looking to swap a castle in Windsor for a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom in the West Winds

‘Rebel Royals’ Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took to the ‘NIHE House Swaps’ Facebook page this morning  to ask if anyone in the West Winds would be willing to live in Frogmore Cottage, on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are desperate to escape the pressures of royal life and are said to have their hearts set on a house in the West Winds Estate, Newtownards.

‘lookin to swap a wee cottage on the grounds of Windsor Castle (pics available on request) for a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom in the West Winds – PM if interested Xx’, wrote former Suits actress Meghan on the NIHE House Swaps page on Facebook.

‘Wud prefer to be near da school’, added the 38-year-old American.

A flurry of comments appeared underneath the post within seconds with people demanding more information about the royal cottage.

‘Does Windsor have a park for the wee’ans?’, wrote wee Sandra from Dakota Avenue.

‘Does the landlord except benefits?’ quizzed Big ‘Tofo’ Stewart.

‘What about pets?’, asked Wingnut Williams before posting a photo of his beloved Alsatian ‘Sasha’ sporting the new Glasgow Rangers away strip.

However, after doing a little more research about the area, the Duke & Duchess removed her post and decided to remain at the cottage for now.

‘I hear there’s an active Predator Hunters group in operation there. Which means uncle Andrew couldn’t visit’, she explained .

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