Arrests made after LIDL Dundonald Black Friday Stampede

Black Friday madness got underway in Dundonald this morning when half a dozen pensioners and a few people on the long-term sick went in search of a ‘wee bargain’.

But arrests were made and several shoppers required medical attention when the sale erupted into violence.

PSNI Castlereagh were so concerned about the potential for public disorder they replaced the mannequin in Dundonald police station window with a real live police officer.

We spoke to Black Friday shopper, Nick Steel, who was caught up in this morning’s violence:

‘I broke four ribs in a human crush when they opened the front doors this morning. But it was well worth it, cos I got in there first’, boasted Nick who was sporting a bloody head wound and clutching a 6 litre pressure cooker.

‘Then I watched two pregnant women trail the wig clean aff each other over a Betty Boop nightdress that was reduced from 6 to 4 quid’.

‘I managed to get my hands on this brand new pressure cooker, reduced from £34.99, to £34.49’.

‘I was lucky though’, he explained.

‘Some auld doll almost got to it before me! But I hit her a good boot in the shins then tipped her out of her wheelchair onto the floor – I wasn’t missing out on a bargain like this’, he added.

Elsewhere, two members of the Dundonald Elim Church choir had a brutal knife fight over a half-price sandwich toaster.


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