‘Chazzy Shankill’ on course for Xmas #1

Local musician ‘Chazzy Shankill’ is on course for the coveted Christmas No.1 spot with her rendition of Shania Twain’s 1998 classic ‘From This Moment On’. 

Chazzy’s duet with a pal broke the internet this week and industry insiders believe ‘From This Moment On (Yeeoo)’ could even become the biggest selling Christmas song of all time.

The Belfast singer burst onto the music scene in 2017 with her techno hit ‘Uppa Waa? Uppa Monagh F**king bypass (Remix)’ which topped the charts in twenty-seven countries across the globe.

Since then Chazzy’s been in the studio working with super producer Mark Ronson on her new album ‘Straight Outta d’Shankill’, due for release in 2020.

But the sultry songstress gave her fans an early Christmas present this week when she uploaded a video of herself and a pal belting out her new single ‘From This Moment On (Yeeoo)’.

The singer shared the full-length, stripped back version of the Country Pop classic, belting out the iconic song in between draws of a menthol feg.

Speaking from Abbey Road studios in London, Chazzy told us: ‘F**kin’ waaaa? Christmas No1 does ye rightly, yeeeeooo’.

‘It’s definitely her best vocal performance to date’, claimed Radio 1’s Gregg James.

‘At this rate, it’ll topple Band Aid as the biggest selling Christmas act of all time’.

Upon hearing this news, multimillionaire philanthropists Bono and Bob Geldof have infected Central Africa with a new super-strain of the Ebola Virus so they can re-release ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ into the charts.

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