1 in 3 Northern Irish households have a rotting pumpkin at their front door

A study by Dundonald Looniversity revealed that almost a third of homes across the province are allowing a pumpkin to wither on their doorstep almost a week after Halloween.

Local man Bill Idle (38) placed a pumpkin he carved for his children at his front door on Halloween night.

However, almost a full week has elapsed since then and the rounded orange-yellow fruit has started to rot.

‘I thought I’d leave the thing on display for a few extra days’, explained Bill.

‘Cost me about four hours of my time and the tip of my baby finger to carve the bastard thing’.

‘There was no way I was going to all that effort then dumping it the next day’.

‘I might lift it tonight after work, if it’s dry’.

‘Or maybe the birds will it eat? Who knows? It’s not a big deal’, he added.

However, Bill’s children are convinced the pumpkin will still be on display come the weekend.

‘It smells funny and it looks creepier now than it did last week’, winced Bill’s 7-year-old daughter, Amy.

‘I wish that lazy b**tard would put it in the brown bin before it gives me nightmares’, she added.

‘Please, kill me’, whispered the pumpkin.

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