Everyone in Northern Ireland ‘checks-in’ at Lagan Bar this morning

The entire population of Northern Ireland ‘checked-in’ at the same airport bar using Facebook this morning, it has emerged.

Approximately 1.9 million people crammed into the extortionately priced Lagan Bar at Belfast’s International Airport earlier to upload pics of their alcoholic beverages.

The airport bar Facebook check-in has become an integral part of the holiday experience in recent times with travelers alerting their social media followers and operational house-breakers to their imminent departure.

Facebook HQ reportedly feared they’d been attacked by a virus when over one million Northern Irish status updates read: ‘And so it begins’.

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However, with seemingly every man, woman and child in the country setting off on their jollies this morning, the airport, affectionately known as ‘the worst in the world’ has been put under enormous strain.

Our sources claim tens of thousands of pissed passengers missed their flight when one woman ordered a strawberry daiquiri.

Sobbing bar man Toby O’Jugg told us: ‘I gave up a handy wee job in Wetherspoons for this sh**e?’ before running through a departure lounge window and landing face first on the tarmac outside.

In related news, airport chiefs called the PSNI when it emerged that 90% of all today’s travelers are headed to Benidorm.

According to eyewitnesses, those headed to the Spanish seaside resort were given the option of going straight to prison now in order to avoid overcrowding the planes.

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