Trimble: Kerby/Cribby row could destabilize Good Friday Agreement

The ‘Kerby’ or ‘Cribby’ row has been described as Northern Ireland’s biggest political crisis yet, according to former First Minister David Trimble.

Trimble, one of the architects of the 1998 peace accord here, fears the dispute could spell a return to the violence of the past.

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Kerby/Cribby was a children’s ball game played in the street, before the invent of iPads and smartphones.

The aim was to throw the ball against the opposite kerb and catch it on the rebound.

The game was often played in residential areas where children were told to ‘fuck away off round yer own door’ by a short ugly woman with yellow streaks in her hair or suffered life-changing injuries after being struck by a car.

‘Unless there is a serious attempt to find a resolution to the current impasse then I fear a return to violence in Northern Ireland’, claimed Trimble.

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‘It is no secret the UDA and IRA are hoping to capitalize on the friction this debate has caused by dragging us back to the bloody past’.

And the former Ulster Unionist leader’s concerns were somewhat vindicated last night as trouble flared at interface areas across Belfast.

There were clashes involving hundreds of teens as rival groups of youths threw footballs at the painted kerb stones while screaming ‘Kerby’ or ‘Cribby’ at each other.

Community representatives in from Albertbridge Road and Short Strand made an appeal to parents of teenagers who live in the area.

‘Fer f**k sake, stap clauding balls at each other’, read a joint statement.

‘It’s called Kersbie anyway ya wee dicks’.



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