July 24, 2021

4 thoughts on “Investigation launched after Ballysallagh Road bridge isn’t hit by a lorry this morning

  1. Hi there, my name is Hannah and I work for the BBC in Belfast. I am writing an online piece on the recent hit of the Ballysallagh bridge (again) and was wondering if we would be able to ask you how this is affecting the local community? Would we be able to use quotes from your piece? Thanks! Hannah

    1. Hi Hannah, thanks for contacting my page. Of course you can use quotes etc but I’m assuming you know this article is a piss-take on recent events and the Dundonald Liberation Army is a satirical news source? Stephen G. Large

  2. I can tell Hannah Gay how it affects the local community. It has them in stitches. It’s comedy gold. The fact that it’s pointless only increases its comedy value.

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