Pamela Ballantine dyes, aged 60

Revered Northern Irish television presenter Pamela Ballantine has dyed at her home in Belfast, it has emerged.

The UTV stalwart was last seen leaving Tescos Knocknagoney with a box of Clairol’s Nice n’ Easy around 9pm last night.

The usually silver-haired presenter was found slumped over a sink at her home by a friend.

She confirmed to reporters outside the presenter’s home that Pamela was alone when she dyed.

The reason why the 60-year-old decided to dye are still unclear but an investigation will be carried out shortly.

The former Downtown Radio host has a broadcasting career spanning almost 30-years.

Friends and former colleagues have paid tribute to Pamela in the wake of the shocking news.

Legendary Northern Irish presenter Jackie Fullerton was one of the first to react.

Jackie Tweeted: ‘Absolutely gobsmacked at the news’.

‘I can’t believe Pamela dyed so young. I’m 75 and I still haven’t dyed yet’.

Fellow broadcaster and compatriot Eamon Holmes was reportedly ‘stunned’ when informed that Pamela had dyed.

The Sky News presenter Tweeted: ‘Still in shock. Pamela was just one of those people you never thought would dye’.

Northern Irish golfing hero Darren Clarke is still coming to terms with news.

He said, ‘I can’t believe it. Of all the people I thought would dye, Pamela certainly wasn’t one of them’.

The shocking news will come as a major blow to UTV  who were in talks with Ballantine regarding a new documentary about silver-headed Northern Irish sex-symbols entitled, ’50 Shades of Grey-Haired Rides.

One thought on “Pamela Ballantine dyes, aged 60

  1. So shocked at the news of Pammy Dyeing. I suppose many people will be asking if she’s Permanently Dyed or is it a case where she has just dyed Temporarily!

    The news is easier to handle if we know she’s dyed just temporarily cause that would just be like when the Walking Dead has a mid season break or something. If it’s permenent, then we’ll need to find her successor quickly to limit damage to the space and tile continuum. Has Wendy Austin dyed yet? Or has that Rose Magowan left the nunnery yet?


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