Belfast busker set to release Christmas album

A Romanian man dubbed ‘the Transylvanian Tchaikovsky’ is releasing a new album just in time for Christmas, according to reports. 

Yohan Dracula (23)  told his Twitter followers that tracks on the album will be covers of our favourite Christmas classics but using his trademark Stroh violin.

Over the past ten years, the busker has become as synonymous with Belfast City Centre as bomb scares, bus lanes and junkies.

Yohan claims he made the instrument out of the horn from a gramophone and a broken violin after a drunken dare to make a more annoying sound than Pete Snodden’s voice.

His repetitive noise can be heard bellowing from various doorways across the City until he is inevitably moved along by a rotund security guard with KFC gravy dripping down his navy blue jumper.

But now the busker is aiming for the Christmas #1 spot as he plans to release a Stroh inspired rendition of Paul McCartney’s ‘Wonderful Christmas Time’.

GO Magazine are describing the Romanian musician as ‘the most exciting thing to emerge from the Northern Irish music scene since The Undertones released Teenage Kicks’.

‘He’s definitely the most talented Romanian artist we’ve had in the UK since the Cheeky Girls were flashing their malnourished arses in glittery hotpants’, claimed the editor.

According to reports, pre-sales figures for the album, ‘Stroh-Stroh-Stroh Merry Christmas’ are particularly high in Ballymena.


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