Local woman reactivates her Facebook account after three day hiatus

A Dundonald woman abruptly ended her self-imposed Facebook ban after three days and then conceded, ‘Well, that lasted long’.

Shelly ‘Loyal’, 28, made the announcement 72 hellish hours after of being unable to pry on the lives of people she knows but can no longer stand.

This constituted an embarrassing U-turn for Shelly after she posted a withering assessment of Facebook and everyone who uses it, a few hours before deactivating her account.

In a long-winded expletive ridden rant, Shelly wrote, ‘Does anyone know how ya delete this thing for good? Fed up reading about everyone’s perfect lives when we all know the f**kin’ truth. Half the b**tards on this thing wouldn’t even say hello to ya in the street’.

‘Don’t delete it hun, time for a clear out me thinks’, wrote Shelly’s friend Nicola ‘Scentsy’ Jones in a comment under the post. ‘Awk, I’ll miss your wee rants’, wrote another.

Despite her nosy friend’s pleas, Shelly followed through with her threat and deactivated her account on Monday night.

Shelly instantly regretted her decision even though she was still able to track her friend’s every movements via Instagram, Snapchat and various other media.

Desperate to catch up on all the gossip, Shelly swallowed her pride and reactivated her account.

Later that morning Shelly posted, ‘Does anyone have the number to the doctor’s surgery?’.

‘Google’, commented one local raker.

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