Queue starts outside Elliotts

Hundreds of people have started gathering outside the doors of Elliott’s costume shop in Belfast’s Ann Street in order ‘to beat the mad queues’, it has emerged.

Every October, a snaking queue approximately fourteen kilometres in length, forms outside the long-standing city centre business.

Even though the shop is open all year round and Halloween has been celebrated every October 31st since 1745, people flock to the shop in their droves in the couple of weeks leading up to the holiday.

Last year revellers found themselves in the queue for periods of up to six days and were kept alive by humanitarian aid.

Among the customers at Elliotts last year was Civil Servant Sammy Idle.

Sammy told us, ‘We were having a house party this year. The Mrs was on my case big-style about some nauseating matching costume so I said I’d nip round to Elliotts on my lunch break for a wee nosy’.

‘I thought there might be a wee queue but being a Civil Servant I can take up to a 5 hour lunch so I thought I’d be fine’.

‘To my horror I joined the back of the queue in somewhere in Ballymena’.

‘I didn’t get out of the shop until 4th November and missed Halloween. She was absolutely fuming so she was’.

When asked what his wife was for Halloween, Sammy replied: ‘Same as last year. A bastard’.

Thirty-something ‘Death Metal’ t-shirt wearing couple Stu and Allison queued up today so they’d have their Suicide Squad costumes in time for the holiday.

Stu said, ‘I suggested we go as something Gothic this year but Allison insisted she was dressing up as Harley Quinn’.

‘But when she stuck it on she looked more like Robbie Coltrane than Margot Robbie’.

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