Thirty-two families in Dundonald without Wi-Fi as Storm Ali intensifies

Thirty-two families in Dundonald are without Wi-Fi as Storm Ali intensifies.

A group of residents using the same WiFi connection were left without any internet access this morning when the hub they were sharing was sucked out of an open window on the 3rd floor.

Emergency services were alerted to the situation at 9.15am this morning after a mother-of-four was unable to connect to YouTube.

Crews arrived on the scene a few minutes later and found the woman and her children in an ‘extremely distressed’ state and begging for Baby Shark.

The children were immediately wrapped in blankets and whisked away to a local soft-play-area which provides free WiFi for its customers.

‘I was hanging out the bedroom windy when all I hears is the screams of our wee Harry’, recalls Helen McMelter.

‘So I finishes my feg and rush in to find him pointing at the Baby Shark video which had stopped playing’.

‘No matter what I tried I couldn’t get on that bastardin’ internet. I didn’t know how I was getting the day in with the kids’, she admitted.

Helen’s 14-year-old son Scott took the news the hardest and ran off down the street with his iPhone in the air to see if he could pick up someone else’s signal but to no avail.

Back in the café, medical professionals were in the process of teaching Nathan to communicate verbally again after he’d spent the past two years conversing only in Gifs and emojis.

‘I’m just relieved our nightmare is finally over’, wept Helen’s husband Joe whilst checking his Bet365 app.

‘There was one point earlier when I thought I was gonna have to talk to the wife. But this play cafe said we can stay here til the internet’s working again’.


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