Man badly wounded after heading old football

A Dundonald man lost an eye whilst attempting to head an old leather football, it has emerged.

The 35-year-old father-of-two got involved in a ‘kickabout’ between local kids outside his home when the incident occurred.

Davy Blinker was raced to the Ulster Hospital where medics tried desperately to save his sight but unfortunately the damage was too severe.

The plumber was returning home from work when he spotted a group of local boys playing football outside his home.

Davy, who maintains he could’ve made it professionally if it wasn’t for his ‘bad knee’, approached the boys and shouted: ‘On the head’.

One young lad who plays for Glentoran U8s, whipped a ferocious cross towards Davy who rose like a salmon before planting a Duncan Ferguson-esque header past the hapless 5-year-old goalkeeper.

However, immediately after scoring the goal, Davy fell to his knees clutching his face and writhing around in agony.

Wee Harry Beckham who provided the cross recalled:

“Davy was pointing to where he wanted it and was thrusting his head back & forth like a chicken”.

“With hindsight, given the terrible state of repair the ball was in, perhaps I did put a little too much venom on the cross”.

“Because the jagged leather hexagons peeled the flesh off his forehead like someone was opening a mandarin orange”.

Speaking from his hospital bed Mr Blinker told us:

“Aye I lost an eye but here, what a fuckin’ goal. That’s the way I used to score them for Fisher Body Seconds, so a did”.

Mr Blinker was then joined in the ward by his next door neighbour Rab Sear.

Mr Sear was receiving treatment for 1st degree burns after his leg melted on a car exhaust when the same ball became stuck underneath it.

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