New ‘Breaking Bad’ season to be shot on the Lisburn Road

A new series of the hit US drama ‘Breaking Bad’ is set to be filmed on the crystal meth infested Lisburn Road, it has emerged.

The show’s creator Vince Gilligan made the announcement in a Tweet last night which read:


Northern Irish fans of the hit-series were sent into a frenzy at the prospect of watching protagonist Walter White strut down the Lisburn Road in his yellow hazmat suit.

Gilligan explained the reasoning for the show’s new location:

“What better way to pay homage to Ireland’s new drug capital than by setting our new series in Belfast?”

“Geographical studies compiled by our producers showed that by the year 2022, you’ll never be more than three foot away from a drug dealer on the Lisburn Road”.

“And like most of them, the decision to film was a no-brainer”.

As part of a radical new cultural enrichment scheme, a group known affectionately as ‘the Russians’ have been flooding the area with deadly substances including heroin and crystal meth.

Stepping over a scabby-faced junkie caked in their own faeces on your way to get a burrito on the Lisburn Road has become common practice lately.

The place was a flurry of activity this morning as the cast and crew arrived to take some publicity shots for the upcoming series.

Bryan Cranston, who plays the cancer-stricken main character Walter White, told us:

“I thought they said the Irish were always up for the Craic. But it looks like they’re pretty much up for all the hard drugs known to man”.

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